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Top Places You Can Visit in Singapore

Top Places You Can Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the top places you can visit to spend a long vacation or a short break. But why? This wonderful place is filled with numerous beautiful things and places! Are you excited and interested to find out the best places you can visit in Singapore?

Well, we’re not going to leave you hanging. Let’s go ahead and tackle some best places you can visit in Singapore!


Singapore Botanic Gardens


Source : www.yoursingapore.com

Out or have a tight budget? Don’t worry! The Singapore Botanic Gardens offers a free visit to everyone. However, the National Orchid Garden, the most visited section of the garden might cost you a bit of money.

This wonderful garden is packed with more than 60,000 species of animals and plants! If you have your kids with you or simply want to walk alone, then you might want to check this garden out to maximize your vacation trip experience!



Source: Culture Trip


Ever been to China before or want to find out what it looks like? Then better visit the Chinatown! The Chinatown is one of the best places you can visit to get a souvenir. Feel free to indulge the best street foods around the area.

Feast yours eyes by looking at the bright red lantern and authentic Chinese food as you roam around the place. Also, the area is filled with many worship temples. This is simply one of the best places you can visit in Singapore!


Gardens by The Bay


Source: Singapore Guide


Take a soothing walk at the Gardens by The Bay. It is a futuristic, colorful, and huge park located in the bay area of Singapore. The tree’s structures provide a one of a kind skywalk over the gardens.


It also has some immersive seashell-shaped greenhouses which you can visit to discover numerous trees and plants around the area.


The park is open and available to visit from 5:30 am to 2:00 am regularly. This place is perfect for both kids and adults.


There you go, travelers! Finding some decent places in Singapore could be difficult if not prepared. But that’s alright because we have gathered some of the best places you can visit in Singapore!


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