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Things to Look When Buying A Condominium

Things to Look When Buying A Condominium


Want to buy a condominium but you have no idea whatsoever on how to find the right one?


You’re not the only one with that problem.


With all those high-rise condominiums flooding our urban areas, how can pick the right one? Here are things you must consider when choosing a condo to buy.


Safety and Security


This should be your first priority.


Nothing is more important than your life. Look for condominiums that have round the clock security patrol.


Also, take double precaution when choosing a condo in the hostile parts of the city. Secure your house by installing a burglar alarm and always remember to lock your doors.


Look at the condominium’s emergency plan and your common sense will dictate you whether it is a safe place to stay.


Amenities and Facilities


If you love swimming, of course, you need to find a place that has a swimming pool in it!


This entirely depends on your preference. But majority of the condominiums have the basic facilities like a pool, basketball court and gymnasium.


Here at the Hillion Residences, you can find basically everything that you’re looking for. Multiple number of pools, tennis courts, function rooms and a jogging track.


What more can you ask for?


So, I suggest that you pick a place that has all the amenities you need. The more it offers, the more expensive it gets.




Lastly, you need a place that’s accessible. You don’t want to buy a condo that takes a bounty hunter to find, right? It should be in near proximity to your workplace, schools, hospitals and leisure parks.


Preferably, it should be accessible to public transportation hubs like bus stations, LRT and MRT.


It makes traveling a breeze when your place is near everything, right?


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